The Amazing Health Benefits of Water!

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1. You can lose weight by keeping your body well hydrated!  Some people mistake thirst for hunger, so the next time you think your hungry drink some water first!  Also water is zero calories lol you can’t beat that!

2. Have a headache? Well you could be dehydrated, so drink some water.

3. Hydrates your skin and makes you look younger!  People who have dry skin get more wrinkles and a lot of times aren’t drinking enough water to keep their skin well hydrated!

4. Not as many cramps! My husband had severe cramps and was very sick because of it.  We took him to the hospital to find out he was severely dehydrated.

5. Better Workouts! Water helps regulate your body temperature, therefore your more energetic!

6. Improve of immune system.  Your less likely to get sick when drinking plenty of water

7. Healthy bowel movements. People who don’t get enough water tend to be more constipated.  So before you go for a laxative, try the natural way and go for a tall glass of water.

8. Healthy brain function.

9. Helps flush out toxins that might make you feel fatigue!

10. The most important!  Water helps your mood! Makes you happier therefore less stressed and healthier! 🙂

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