Low Cal Breakfast Burritos 235 Cal (approx)/ Freezer burritos
2 tsp real bacon bits (I warm mine and use a paper towel to get off the extra grease) 25 cal
1 egg cooked (80 cal) or 2 egg whites (40 cal) use pam or other spray 
1 cooked whole wheat tortilla low carb (130 cal, 0 sugar, 5 g of protein)
2 avocado slices approx 40 cal (do not add if freezing) see link for freezing avacado!!
hot sauce if desired!!
I use uncooked torillas they taste so much better.  Also they freeze great! Just put them in the fridge a day before you want to use them
To Freeze burritos for a quick breakfast
Put together burritos
cool completely
 store in freezer bags  
take  out wrap in paper towel cook on 70 % power approx 2 to 3 min

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