How to choose Healthy Diet Options at Restaurants!

1. Failure to plan is planning to fail.
Plan ahead on what you are going to eat at the Restaurant. Look at their Menu online or call and see what Healthy options you have.  Strategize what you are going to eat is very simple but super effective. This step is crucial because you are going to want what everyone else is ordering.

2. Never go out HUNGRY!!!
Have a snack at least one (1) hour before you go to a restaurant. This way you aren’t starving and eat everything in site. Choose something healthy and low calorie that has a good amount of protein. A great option would be cottage cheese or greek yogurt.

3. Sharing is caring!
Do not expect to eat an entire entree. When my sister and I go out we always share a healthy dish. An easy way to cut the calories in half.  If you don’t have someone to share with save half for later. You do not have to consume everything on your plate. Restaurant dishes can easily feed two.

5. Having trouble deciphering what is really healthy based on the deliciously named dishes?
Look for items that are:
     1. Fresh
     2. Steamed
     3. Poached 
     4. Baked 
     5. Broiled 
     6. Seared 
     7. Grilled 
     8. Spiced 
     9. Sauteed 
     10. Broth 
     11. Multi-Grain
     12. Whole Grain
6. Avoid these like the plague!
Foods that are prepared:
     1. Fried 
     2. Buttered 
     3. Sugared 
     4. Syrup 
     5. Honey-diped 
     6. Sauced 
     7. Melted 
     8. Crispy 
     9. Breaded 
     10. Smothered 
     11. Fried 
     12. Creamy 
     13. Glazed 
     14. Crusty 
     15. Cheesy
     16. Gravy

7.  H2O 
Only drink water. Do not add any extra calories that are unnecessary! It’s great for you and also your purse because drinks are sneaky expensive.  Plus you have a yummy meal to eat you don’t need a drink.

4.  Skip the bread and chips!
You don’t need appetizers or dessert. This alone will provide you a training opportunity. You need mental body control to be successful and healthy and this is an easy way to get it! No unnecessary calories!

8.  Beware of dressings, sauces, nut, dried fruit and toppings! 
Sauces have an amazing amount of calories that are easily forgotten or miscalculated. Don’t add more calories where they are not needed. Dried fruit and candied nuts are little sugar bombs. If you must indulge then get it on the side – so you can keep track of the amount you eat. Salads are an excellent choice but get the salad dressing & toppings on the side. A little trick I use for dressings is to bring my own dressing in a small plastic container.

11. Ask and ye shall receive…
Inquire about how your item will be prepared!
Just because it says its healthy does not mean it was prepared as healthy as possible! Most veggie burgers are fried just like any other burger and still loaded with calories.

If you have any lingering questions ask for the nutritional facts. All franchises, restaurant chains and corporate restaurants are required to have nutritional facts readily available, so don’t be afraid to ask.

12. Crazy about sodium! Don’t forget to have them hold the salt!

13. Gluten!  Most restaurants don’t have a gluten free menu, but if you do your research you can find one.  Again, ask how it is prepared, because they could cross contaminate your food.

Here is a Great Website to find Healthy Restaurants in your area!

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