Simple back work-out for men and women

So here is my back workout today. This is a booklet I received from one of the most famous body builders, Larry Scott. He’s known to have one of the best techniques in the fitness industry. My dad helped him back when he was competing with his diet. They wanted to figure out how to put more muscle on and my dad (biochemist) helped him figure it out. He has won many prestigious competitions, Mr. America and Mr. Olympia etc. He is very kind and loves to help people achieve their fitness goals.
We go visit him every year. And this man is in love with fitness. He’s over 70 yrs old and has harder abs then most athletes! Also, he eats amazingly clean… But here is my back workout, i did about 3 sets of everything with about 15 reps. My goals is too lift as heavy as I can, so that I can only do 15 reps.
You can check out his website here:

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