Lululemon Turbo Tank in heathered tonka striped Angel Blue!!!

Turbo tank in Angel Blue heathered tonka striped!  Sorry the pics of it on me are blurry i put close up pics below 🙂  So cute fits the same as my other turbo tanks, but the lady at the store said she heard it ran snugger around the tummy.  There was luxtreme and luon and this is the luon soft comfy fabric.  SOOO CUTE I LOOOVE IT!!!!!!!!  They also had a maroon heathered striped color, black and a heathered striped split pea.  These will sell out FAST!!!! Sorry for not getting pics of the other ones i didn’t have a camera on me.  I will try to get pics tomorrow morning 🙂

Yay, the Turbo tank is back! I loved this tank, it’s so comfy and I love the look of the faux bra underneath, it does have a built in bra though.  I love angel blue it looks great on every skin color!  

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