Lululemon Power Purple Mini Squiggle Wunder Under Crops and Costco’s Kirkland Purple Jacket And Pants!

Okay so here is the comparison of the Lululemon Power purple Wunder Under crops and Costco’s Kirkland brand purple jacket.  The jacket is almost the exact same color as the light part of the zig zags/squiggles on the mini squiggle wunder unders.  We paired it with Lululemon’s Menthol Cool Racerback!   I love this combo together too! It’s sooo cute!
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Here is a picture of Costco’s Kirkland pants!  They have a purple band around the top and are comparable to Lululemons Groove Pants.  These are super cute and come in two different lengths, short and long.  I’m 5’4″ and the length fits me good on the short.  

Lastely here is a photo of The kirkland Jacket, pants, and crops.  The purple crops in the middle of the two black are Lululemon purple ziggy wunder unders.

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