Mix & Match! Lululemon & Costo’s Kirkland Brand!

Lululemon’s Turbo tank in the heathered tonka striped Angel Blue and Costco’s Kirkland Gray Capri’s.  Soo cute together!  

Here’s a picture of Costco’s Gray Crops that are comparable to Lululemons Groove Crops.  The color on the top reminds me of Lululemons Passion Color.
Costco’s Green Jacket! Soo cute! Reminds me of Surge but alot darker and more of a true green, no blue in it like surge.

Costco’s Kirkland pants that are comparable to Lululemons Groove pants! The band reminds me of Lululemons luxtreme Fabric.

Lululemons Menthol Cool Racerback!
Menthol Color compared to costco’s green color!
As you can see below the Costco jacket is more of a true green, which I know a lot of Lululemon buyers have been asking for and wanting.  Again the Costco jacket is only $24.99 comparable to Lululemons define jacket for $99.00.   I think that the material is comparable to Lululemons luon jacket, but not comparable to the heathered luon jackets.  The heathered Lululemon jackets are a lot softer and more comfy.
Okay so here is a comparison photo!
Left to Right
Lululemons heathered menthol cool racerback, Lululemons Angel Blue heathered striped turbo tank, Lululemons Surge Turbo tank, and Costco’s Green jacket.  


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    October 7, 2012 at 3:44 am

    Okay! You could seriously wear a paper bag and look stunning! You are gorgeous!

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    Torres Girls
    October 8, 2012 at 5:35 pm

    Sandra your so sweet! Thank you

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