What to do at the Gym???

A lot of people have gym passes, but are clueless when they get to the gym.  The first thing anyone should do is get to know their gym.  Check out the classes, and take a tour.  A lot of gyms will give you a free personal training session, this is a great tool to use to get to know your machines.   

If  you aren’t familiar with machines GO to the classes, they are amazing.  Honestly my favorite thing to do is to go to those classes, and they have people that are beginners and experts.  So much cheaper than going to an extra gym.  My favorite classes that I go to every week are Zumba, Yoga, and sometimes the bodypump  and bootcamp/crossfit style classes.  These are soo much fun and the teachers will help you so much.  So even if you are a beginner or an expert check out your local Gym classes.   
Always do what is best for your body!  Don’t hurt your body and if you do stop and recover.   

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