Our favorite Foundation!

Okay, for all who asked about our foundation Kevyn Aucoin is our  favorite foundation, and has been for 10 yrs. We don’t have flawless skin, its our Kevyn Aucoin. When I worked at Sephora I truly loved a lot of their foundations, but this is still my favorite.

Here are some of the reasons why its our favorite.
1. You can have it very pigmented or you can make it into a tinted moisturizer.
2. This foundation lasts all day and can last in the WATER.
3. They have warm, rosey, and neutral undertones. BEAUTIFUL.
4. The colors are gorg.. need a little warmth? Just add a shade darker. (We mix a lot of them usually the neutral and warm undertones depending on how tan I am). I love SX04, SX05, SX08, SX10, SX11, SX12
5. It photographs beautifully.
6. Most foundations are diluted for you into a liquid. This one isn’t diluted and a small amount goes a long way. It’ll last a lot longer then those generic store brands.
7. It has honey and jojoba oil in it.

Foundation stick is sheer coverage and sometimes we’ll apply it underneath or alone for a very light coverage kind of day.  😉
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    Thanks for the tip

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