I’ve been wanting to do a quick easy makeup look for Halloween. This literally took about 10 minutes to draw the Scarecrow parts. I do recommend doing your makeup first how you like to do it then apply this 10 minute Scarecrow look. I used the Makeup Forever Flash Palette to do the drawing. This Scarecrow look is for those who don’t have a lot of time to dress up, but still want to have a little fun. I paired it with some overalls and a plaid jacket. 😉
1- Do your makeup like usual and add some lashes)
2- Draw the lines to make the smile. Try to follow the hollows of your cheeks.
3- Grab a peachy/orange color with the tip of your finger and make circles on your cheeks. Then get a small brush to add some highlighting on each circle.
4. Put the same peachy/pink color on your nose, highlight a little on the tip of the nose. Then outline it with black.
5- Draw some long bottom lashes, go crazy with them, they’re not supposed to be perfect .
6- Now go to your husband/boyfriend when they’re not expecting it and smile. 😉

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