Freshly Picked Moccs & PreFresh shirts!

I love these little boys so much – they are the cutest brothers! Jojo is so sweet to his little brother Ammon and Ammon is the joker constantly making Jojo laugh. I am so excited to show you these two little boys playing together and having fun.  They found some grapes and they thought they were soo cool haha.

My boys just love the design of these Freshly Picked Moccs. The leather is high quality and soft, but durable and comfortable. I had a concern about how well they would stay on my active boys feet, these guys don’t wear anything lightly. The ankle band fits well and actually kept the shoes on their feet. With all their running, jumping and playing these Freshly Picked Moccs never fell off! I am also amazed at the high quality of leather because these shoes don’t have any scratches on them. Long lasting and fashionable! You can get these Freshly Picked Moccs in a wide array of beautiful colors and trendy patterns. Refer to the size guide here for perfect fitment. These are a must have for any kid and baby. 
These fancy shirts are very soft and super comfy… and I cannot say enough about the custom fit appearance, it’s like I got them tailored to my boys! It can be nearly impossible to get good fitting shirts for kids, either the neck is too big or the shirt or sleeves are too boxy and wide, so I absolutely love the tailored fit look these shirts have.  They have the cutest sayings on them too like, “Rad,” or “Legalize Sugar,” haha. Another great plus is they do not have tags woohooo! My boys hate uncomfortable tags. Get these cute tees while you can.

Jojo & Ammon’s                                                                              
Top: PreFresh                                                               
Bottoms: Star Sweats                                                     
Shoes: Freshly Picked                                                   

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