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I’m such a picky eater when it comes to protein powders. When I tried Devotion Nutrition protein powders I had to tell all of you how tasty they are. I loved how the protein was a smooth mixture of Casein and Whey with some fiber, doesn’t clump and the taste is just right. I personally like baking with this protein powder. It bakes so yummy and it does have that angel food taste to it. Since, it’s St. Patricks day I made these healthy flex flavored strawberry angel food pancakes with a touch of Lucky Charms and strawberries. The strawberry flex flavor is also by Devotion Nurition, it’s a prebiotic fiber sweetener for your protein shakes, yogurt, baking batter and oatmeal. Some of my favorite flex flavors are the Banana Foster, Fruity Hoops, Strawberry and Coconut Biscotti, but really I like them all :). I wanted to do something different than the usual pancake mixture. I have a sensitive stomach and this gluten free Organic Perfect Flour Blend by Namaste is amazing! The flour is seriously so good and it’s made with brown rice flour. Rice has always been good to my stomach and it has such a good flavor. Brown rice has mild taste and works with a lot of flavors. I added some Walden Farms Pancake Syrup to top it off. A healthy and fun treat for this Holiday. Happy St. Patricks Day, we love you all!

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