Spring Dresses

Hey guys! Now that Easter’s almost here I wanted to show you this casual dress look. I know so many buy a pretty Easter dress than never wear it again. Well, with a cute summer jacket and/or flats you can dress it down a bit and have many more uses out of that dress that would otherwise sit in your closet. This cute summer stripe dress can be dressed up with a cute silky trench coat or blazer. It’s a really comfy dress that is perfect for a casual friday night. I picked some really cute dresses out that I love for Easter Sunday so you’ll have to check them out. Some I’d wear with my favorite short sleeve denim jacket I have on pictured above. It’s seriously my favorite denim jacket and I know I’ll get lots of uses out of it this summer, you might just see it in some posts coming up ;). Hope you have a wonderful Easter with you family and loved ones. We love you guys!

Oversized denim Jacket

Vertical striped Dress (runs a little small)


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