Surfboard Clutch's & Summer Crops

Good Morning! Today’s such a beautiful day. Today’s look is all about using some winter clothes for Spring and even Summer. This black coated sweater is one of my go to’s for winter and I wanted to show how you can use your winter sweater well into the warmer weathers. One way to pair a warmer piece is to grab a summer item like bermuda shorts or capris. Capri’s are one of my go to’s for the warmer weather, they’re light for those hot days and comfortable for any day of the week. These Capris are from Fashion Nova, they’re hi-rise and stretchy and you can even wear them to the gym!

How cute is this Surboard clutch? A unique clutch is one way I love to add a little fun to an outfit. This clutch reminds me of all the times our family went surfing in Hawaii on the gorgeous island Maui. Some of our generous Hawaiian family would take us out on a beautiful early morning and teach us how to surf, it was always so much fun trying to balance and ride the tiny waves, it was worth all the falls and salty water stinging our eyes ;). This clutch will go with me on all my beach adventures this summer. Hope you all have a wonderful day, love you all!


Capris (to save $$ use Coupon code:SANDE)

Heels (zara, similar)

Mua Mua Surfboard Clutch

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