Must have A-line Skirt

Good Morning ladies! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. We had such a fun time this weekend with our ward camping Friday night and than boating with the family Saturday morning. The highlight of our trip would have to be when we went and grabbed our head lights late at night at 11 pm, where we headed down to the beach to see the stars. Nothing more beautiful when you turn off all the lights to gaze at the stars up in the mountains. It’s kind of crazy how many more stars you can see when you’re not in the city. Now we’re already planning some more trips to go camping before it gets too cold. The kids loved every minute of it and camping is always a budget friendly vacation when you live close to the mountains. Today’s look is all about this denim a-line skirt. I think I’m a little obsessed with this style of skirt. I’ve worn this skirt a few times already while on vacation in Southern Utah and a few times in La Jolla, California. I tend to pack way too much when I travel because I don”t want to forget anything lol which I then only wear what is comfortable. This skirt was one of my favorite things to wear on vacation because it was easy, comfortable and simple. I love simplicity especially when you have to hurry to get somewhere. I’ve found some really cute a line skirts for all of you because you can wear them any time of the year and any day of the week. They’re flattering on almost every body shape and they can make the waist appear smaller. It’s nice when you can dress a skirt up for those Holiday parties which are coming up or casually down for a fun lunch date with the girls. I grabbed these cute sneakers with stars on them because I absolutely love the Yves Saint Laurent court sneakers that have those stars on them. I found some that our a pretty close replica. I really hope you enjoy our fashion posts and thanks so much for looking!

Favorite v-neck tee

Frayed denim skirt

Ash cosmic sneakers with stars

Rebecca Minkoff Velvet love Crossbody

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