Blue Hues

     There’s always those days that you just need a fun outfit that will lift your spirits.  I know if I just wear all black or something frumpy it just might make things go downhill from there. First, what I love to do to lift my spirit is to start off by doing my makeup and listening to uplifting music, because we all know that listening to sad music would probably make things worse. When I listen to happy music It makes me realize all of the things I have been given and are grateful for.  Second, if I can help someone feel better in anyway with a simple authentic kind word or opening the door for them that’ll always help me. Now after I’ve done my makeup I then need to find something bright for those dull boring days you just want to be over. One of my favorite designer brands I go to that seems to alway bring a whole lots of fun is, “Show Me Your Mumu,” it’s a brand that brings vibrant colors with beautiful floral and creative prints to your wardrobe. I love these extra comfy Bam Bam bells i’m wearing  by Show Me Your Mumu that have an exaggerated flare on the bottoms,which lengthen my legs and the cute high-waist band is like Spanx on my tummy.  They’re definitely one of my favorite vacation clothes and wearing their pieces when your at home will make you  feel as if your on some exotic vacation yourself. I truly believe clothing can be a huge impact on your self-esteem and attitude for the day. And I hope my twin sister and I can be a postive influence on you. Now we would love to know what are some of your favorite things to do on a bad day?
Sancia bag
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