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We waited a long time for our third boy, so when Beckham was finally on his way I was looking for the safest baby products on the market. I got a great car seat and bed, but the one product that has given me the greatest peace of mind is the Owlet Baby Monitor.

Safety is my number one priority. You need to understand that I lost a lot of sleep simply because of worrying about my kids during the night. I would wake up and check on my kids throughout the night. The Owlet completely solves that problem for me, and my husband and I get a great nights sleep because my little Beckham is a great sleeper and because the Owlet. This monitor tracks the important baby vitals like heart rate and oxygen levels, the same things they track at hospitals. Its amazing technology especially at the price point.

One night the Owlet alerted us that the monitor didn’t have a good connection. So we adjusted the monitor and went back to sleep. I woke up and was amazed and surprised by the Owlet customer service. I received a text message from an Owlet operator following up on the alert and checking in to make sure we understood how to properly set the monitor. *One tip is to put a snug sock over the monitor to ensure a secure fit. You can also check the vitals real time through the Owlet app.

The Owlet has exceeded my high expectations and allows me to sleep well at night. The technology is amazing and I am so grateful to have it.


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